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Tom's love affair with nature began at the age of seven in England when he found a Robin's nest. His friends often refer to him as the 'golden child' because he does live a great life! Tom worked for a decade for Discovery Channel as an on air birding host and producer (filming segments on five continents), Parks Canada (including ten years as park naturalist and birding expert at famed Point Pelee National Park), the Canadian Wildlife Service (where he surveyed colonial waterbirds all around the Great Lakes), and Top Flight Nature Tours (organizing and leading tours to Cuba and Venezuela).
For more than twenty five years Tom has organized and led his own tours to destinations all around the globe.  In 2017 he is offering trips to Ontario (OWLS & WINTER specialties, PELEE songbirds), the YUKON (big mammals, birds and incredible wilderness), and SOUTH AFRICA (big game, birds, flowers and more). In 2018, additional trips include TEXAS (specialties and spring migration), ALBERTA (breeding songbirds and mammals), NEWFOUNDLAND (seabird and whale spectacle), BRAZIL (a trio of great lodges), and AUSTRALIA (the best of the best!).
Just a few minutes with Tom in the field and you will soon realize why his clients keep coming back. In fact, he has a good number of clients who have done fifteen or more trips with him. He considers guiding a profession, and his goal is always to provide top quality experiences. As one long time client often says, "there are tours, and then there are Tom Hince tours!". 
When Tom is not working, he is still birding with his wife Kathi who shares the love affair with nature and photography. Yes - he truly is a lucky man!

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